Who We Are?

The Kuruom School of Advanced Sciences (KSAS), a subsidiary organization of the Institute of Advanced Sciences (INADS), is the latest initiative of the US based Maryada Foundation and India based Kuruom Foundation. Maryada Foundation’s goals are to propagate the principles of service-based society in which the most accomplished serve the least evolved members of the society and the universe. Kuruom Foundation is a village based charitable organization promoting the development of village-based society for a sustainable world.

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The vision for the Kuruom School of Advanced Sciences is to become a leading institution of research and scholarship nationally for integrated interdisciplinary research education and technology development thoroughly integrated with every aspect of the society for a self-reliant life.


The mission of the School of Advanced Sciences is to explore fundamental as well as applied sciences in all the disciplines related to health, agriculture, environment, and human behavior. The School will advance and promote modern scientific research and scholarship in Indian arts, philosophy, culture, traditions, societal values and customs, universal harmony through learning, understanding ancient and modern traditions, planetary sustainability and holistic sciences for creating fundamental knowledge of the truth, using rural set up abundantly available in India

KSAS Indore facility

Vishoshadhi Products and Services (VPS) Pvt Ltd and Kuruom School of Advanced Sciences (KSAS) have developed an international model of education through business practices of science and technology through an US based international collaboration with Prime Bio, Inc. (PBI) and Institute of Advanced Sciences (INADS), which are creating a model of science and business partnership to train students for self reliance through the education of the innovative ideas and creation.

Along with Lucknow facility, VPS-KSAS has acquired a 10,000 sq ft space in Indore from Gufic Biosciences for expanding its model of educational technology development. Gufic Biosciences has generously supported this effort for generating future biotechnology leaders in India.

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